Project description

The dome belongs to the dome – but we all have a role to play in its preservation!

Every year the work of the „Dombauhütte“ costs 7 to 8 million euros. The Zentral-Dombau-Verein covers about 60 percent of this amount each year. The ZDV needs support for this in the form of donations, sponsors or memberships – or of course NFT revenues! Everything, so that the cathedral remains the cathedral.

Of course, such a project is only possible with the help of many people: the board and the office of the Dombauverein, who got involved in the digital experiment, the team around Carsten Sander with drone pilot and programmers, who created and prepared the many photographs for the NFT, the „Dombauhütte“ around the Dombaumeister Peter Füssenich, who always had an open ear and contributed many ideas, KölnTourismus, who let themselves be infected by our enthusiasm – a heartfelt thank you to all these people at this point!

ZDV – Central Cologne Cathedral Association

The Zentral-Dombau-Verein zu Köln of 1842 is one of the oldest civic associations in Germany. Every year it raises more than 60 percent of the building costs for the preservation of the cathedral. This amount is made available to the Kölner „Dombauhütte“. The ZDV currently has approximately 18,000 members, whose contribution is an essential part of these services and works. Since 2018, the mayor of Brühl, Michael Kreuzberg, has been president of the association. Dr. Rüdiger Fuchs has been responsible for the ZDV’s finances as secretary since 2004. The former president of the association, Michael H. G. Hoffmann, is honorary president. He was appointed by the full board in 2018 after 14 years in office.


The artist Carsten Sander

„The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.“ This statement by Aristotle aptly describes the work of Düsseldorf-based photographer and artist Carsten Sander, who created NFT DOME COLOGNE. He is known for his projects „HEIMAT. GERMANY – YOUR FACE“ and „FACES OF EUROPE.“ Sander shows a modern picture of German and European society with portraits of the people who make up this society and are. Millions of differences united in tolerance. He has been awarded the German Photo Book Prize, the German Design Award and the ADC Award.